United States

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United States

Few countries manage to conjure up such vivid images in the imaginations of travelers from around the world, and fewer still manage both to exceed and shatter those images, surprising visitors at every turn. Encompassing landscapes, cuisine, cultures and experiences as diverse as its people, there is no end to the possibilities in this limitless nation. Discover some of the world’s most dynamic cities, or escape into the country’s vast and varied wilderness – crowned with snow-capped mountains, picture-perfect desert sceneries and ancient redwood forests – and dare to live your very own American experience.
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San Antonio, Texas

Home to the legendary Alamo and the world-famous River Walk, San Antonio hosts a vibrant mix of culture, cuisine, architecture and moving history. Explore the rich historical offerings, award-winning theme parks, championship golf courses, amazing shopping, innovative cuisine and interesting cultural events and museums.
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Sunriver, Oregon

The name “Sunriver” alone elicits images of solar-speckled waters and the coy brush of Pacific zephyrs across forests of pine trees. Expect nothing less with a visit to Sunriver, Oregon. Indulge in one of the Pacific Northwest’s hidden treasures, with the Deschutes River to its west and the enveloping Deschutes National Forest. Sunriver's residents have sought to embrace the natural landscape—evidenced through planning their community around the 3,300 acres.
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Pinetop - Lakeside, Arizona

Pinetop - Lakeside, Arizona, beckons visitors to “come celebrate the season.” This is fitting, for every season seems to smile upon the small town with ample sunshine in the summers and coquettish snow in the winters. People come each year to this veritable Promised Land of natural beauty. Outdoor activities abound: adventurers are fond of hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and trailblazing in the warmer months, and skiing and snowboarding in the cooler seasons.
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Syracuse, New York

A trip to New York City would be the perfect occasion to visit Syracuse, the fifth most populous city in the state of New York and the county seat of Onondaga County. First inhabited by Iroquois Indians, Syracuse´s area has been interested by an intense flow of migration since the mid 1600s, which has transformed the city in a melting-pot of different communities and one of the most important basis for commercial salt production. Now it´s a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a wealth of cultural activities and word-famous events.
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Nashville, Tennessee

The grind and glam of Nashville, Tennessee was well-earned. After all, it's known nationally and even worldwide as the "Music City." Serving home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and many major record labels, Nashville may trace the moniker back to 1874, when a performance by the Fisk Jubilee Singers for Queen Victoria of England earned her instant admiration and statement: "These young people must surely come from a musical city."
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Bentonville, Arkansas

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Ozarks, Bentonville is a place filled with culture and a strong sense of community; a place brimming with artistic and natural beauty. Bentonville has experienced a seismic culture shift in the last decade spurred by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a museum which the Washington Post referred to as "the most talked-about new museum in the United States in a generation."
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Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Classified as mountain resort cities, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are situated along the Great Smoky Mountains. Booming attractions like Dollywood and the Smoky Mountain Opry draw tourism to Pigeon Forge, along with its collections of music theatres and shopping malls. Gatlinburg features Tennessee’s lone ski resort, Ober Gatlinburg, and quaint, mountain-themed specialty stores. Both cities provide gateways to North America’s most visited national park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
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Branson, Missouri

World class shows. Neon lights set aglow. Numerous attractions lining the strip. But look again — this isn’t Las Vegas. This is Branson, Missouri. Lauded as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” Branson draws myriads of visitors to its theaters, which feature anything from comedic magic acts to Elvis Presley tributes. The natural beauty cannot be ignored either, for the Ozark Mountains provide a terrain of sparkling waters and forested trails. It does tend to be humid in Branson, but the temperatures are mild to moderate.
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San Jose, California

San Jose is California’s third largest city and the tenth largest city in the United States. Deemed a “global city,” San Jose is the Mecca of Silicon Valley: high-technology and electronics industries have brought significant tourism and attractions to the city. The city also boasts a great proximity to all of Northern California’s areas of interest due to its position in the greater Santa Clara Valley. Over 300 days of sunshine and the kingdom-like panorama of the Santa Clara Mountains make San Jose a beautiful urban retreat.
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St Louis, Missouri

Sitting near the confluence of two great North American rivers — the Mississippi and the Missouri — the St. Louis region has been a favored destination since Lewis & Clark began their historic westward discovery here in 1804. Dubbed the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis welcomes its visitors with the world’s tallest arch (630 ft.) which was completed in 1965 as a monument to Thomas Jefferson and the westward expansion of the United States.
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Williamsburg, Virginia

Historic pride and natural beauty - Williamsburg seems to have the best of both as millions of travelers visit the city every year for its timeless attractions and verdant landscapes. Colonial buildings, museums, hotels and taverns are favorites of locals and vacationers alike, with Revolutionary reenactments and interpretations spanning the hillsides and battlefields. Take to the waters with Old World schooners, sailing with the Virginian breezes that were once navigated by legendary figures like George Washington and John Smith.
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Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a masterpiece straddling the border between California and Nevada. The basin of glistening waters and palatial mountains was formed out of calamitous volcanic activity roughly a million years ago. Divided into North and South, both parts of equal beauty, Tahoe keeps locals and visitors occupied all year round with ski resorts, warm-weather activities, casinos, reputable nightlife venues, and fantastic food.
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Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona is a paradise for archeologists, with its abundant Hopi Indian tribal artifacts and unique flora. Located in the stunning Arizona landscape, this city attracts many visitors each year with its sunny weather and breathtaking views. The Western lifestyle of Cave Creek is evident in its rural development, open trails, and wildlife habitats. Whether you're interested in history or just looking to enjoy the great outdoors, Cave Creek is the perfect destination.
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Payson, Arizona

Boasting of the grand Mogollon Rim and peppered with lakes and rivers, Payson is Arizona's diamond in the rough. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and explorations remain the town's biggest attractions, luring visitors year after year who seek a swift escape to the wide, wild west.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Described by the New York Times as “a desert version of Miami's South Beach,” Scottsdale is Arizona’s biggest hit. The city is rich in culture and natural grandeur. The Scottsdale Arts District lends to proud attractions of galleries, studios, and museums, while architectural majesties like Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West supplement the city’s Western heritage. Its position on the northern stretches of the Sonoran Desert and the McDowell Mountain Range makes the Scottsdale experience a spectacular one.
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Tucson, Arizona

Visitors come to Tucson to take in the natural sunlit landscape of the Sonoran desert and the mountains that surround the city. They also endeavor to experience the cultural diversity of a city that boasts of Native American, Latin and European influences. Because of its unique geography, Tucson is an outstanding outdoor playground that offers a serene landscape with a wide range of terrain for hikers of all skill levels, rock climbers and cyclers.
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Estes Park, Colorado

Located 90 miles northwest of Denver, Estes Park is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain terrain and mild temperatures make ideal conditions for such outdoor activities as hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping and wildlife and bird watching. Estes Park is not just one vast wilderness, though. The city is also teeming with a multitude of dining and shopping experiences.
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Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach has been dubbed by some 'The World's Most Famous Beach.' Known for its stretches of smooth sandy beaches that have made driving and racing motorized vehicles a popular pastime for over 100 years, Daytona Beach impresses. The booming racing legacy continues to this day, with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and Grand American Road Racing Association establishing their headquarters here. Daytona Beach also beckons with activities for absolutely everyone.
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Palm Springs, California

Palm trees provide a periphery of greens and browns as shadows run along the otherwise snow-capped contours of the mountain ranges. It is clear to visitors why Hollywood stars took Palm Springs as their refuge during the 1920s. The resort town has long remained a getaway for the upwardly mobile—garnering the nickname of “Hollywood's Hideaway”—and has since blossomed into an accessible vacation destination for those seeking lavish leisure among a host of natural and man-made attractions.
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Naples, Florida

With beautiful white sand beaches, excellent dining and a plethora of outdoor pursuits, Floridian Naples truly has it all, and more awaits outside the city limits at the Everglades National Park downstate or – closer yet – the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Naples is also known for its first-rate golf courses and deluxe boutiques, both of which give the city a well-off, prosperous air.
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Sedona, Arizona

Still relatively unurbanized, Sedona immerges as one of America's natural masterpieces. Magnificent red rocks extend upwards as natural skyscrapers, while clear waters flow around them. Native Americans thrived in the area before the arrival of Europeans, and now both national and international visitors come to see the astonishing landscapes of the city. Sedona is commonly known for being a spiritual retreat destination.
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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City is well known as a stomping ground for parties and the Spring Break community comes second to the wondrous, natural grandeur of the area. The world-famous London Bridge is the town’s biggest attraction, along with all of the lake’s waterfront activities. Fishing, boating, swimming, and a wealth of other aquatic excursions are always in season. The numerous hills and mountainsides are a haven for hikers and explorers and Lake Havasu City itself is a haven for anyone with a heart for adventure.
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Montgomery, Texas

The Lone Star Flag of Texas is one of the most recognizable state flags in the United States. Now travelers have the chance to explore its birthplace. Montgomery, Texas, is rife with state history, with July of 2012 marking its 175th anniversary. Founded around the Lake Creek Settlement in 1837, Montgomery now finds itself surrounding Lake Conroe. The lake serves as a focal point for much of its attraction: visitors take advantage of the friendly waters for boating, fishing, swimming, and other fun activities year-round.
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Park City, Utah

Before rising to global and national significance with the arrival of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Park City, Utah was a relatively unknown gem of the west. Residents adored the area for its abundance of recreational opportunities, from hiking and biking, to skiing and snowboarding. This opportunity was capitalized upon during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, which was consequently deemed the most successful in Winter Olympics history.
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Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

New England itself is pure charisma. The area is draped by sparkling snow in the winter, swept with fresh seaside air during spring and summer, and painted with the changing colors of its trees during autumn. Waterville Valley, Hew Hampshire is a beacon of these seasons and a proud New England town. Its resort is the focal point, lending to recreational activities throughout the seasons that include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming and much more.
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Arnold, California

Bucolic beauty envelops the small, unincorporated town of Arnold, California. Resting at the center of the 400-mile Sierra Nevada mountain range, Arnold is a breath, sigh, and smile of fresh air. Testaments to this are the mild summer temperatures, a close proximity to stunning natural wonders, and the overall seclusion of Arnold’s favored attractions.
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Avila Beach, California

As its own self-contained oasis of relaxation, Avila Beach is California’s whisper of a getaway. Far more calm and smaller than other cities along the coast, Avila Beach is a veritable resort town. Visitors are invited to shed their worries at the shoreline and take to the multitude of amenities and entertainment. Dine alongside sunsets, sip on local wines, decompress in the mineral hot springs, and feel rejuvenated with a stay in Avila Beach.
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Brian Head, Utah

With a peak elevation of 11,300 feet, Brian Head is Utah’s beacon to snow-lovers as one of the nation’s highest elevated ski resort towns. The town’s year-round population is fewer than 100 people, but countless vacationers and outdoors enthusiasts make for a consistent stream of excitement. Approximately 350 inches of snowfall each year draws the attention of cross country skiers, snowboarders, hikers and those who wish to bask in the natural beauty of Brian Head, Utah.
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Carlsbad, California

Nicknamed "Village by the Sea," Carlsbad enjoys seven miles of tidy, serene beaches along the Pacific coastline. This makes it perfect for swimming, sunbathing and surfing, all paired with a mild climate. Furthermore, Carlsbad has three lagoons, a lake, an aquarium, museums and shopping districts. As if that was not enough, the town's proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles provides a multitude of additional options within a short drive.
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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island, on the southern coast of South Carolina, is filled with beautiful ocean views, antebellum relics, beds of oysters, and Southern charm. Everything about the island speaks of posh sophistication with a laid back attitude. Out on the ocean waters you can see trawlers and other boats; in the canals and inlets, yachts are frequently floating and enjoying the sunny weather. Golf courses designed by some of the sport's finest players abound, as do alligators sunning themselves in sand traps and small ponds.
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Mishawaka, Indiana

Mishawaka is situated in the Michiana area, which encompasses counties in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, and it forms part of the South Bend metropolitan area. Named after a legendary Shawnee Indian princess, the city takes pride in its history and legacy. Nonetheless, Mishawaka is also evolving with the changing times, and the convergence of classic and modern is evident in its architecture, industry, and culinary offerings.
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Ramona, California

Ramona, known as "The Valley of the Sun" in San Diego County, lies along the foothills of the noteworthy Cuyamaca Mountains, giving way to warm summers and comfortably mild winters. Ramona has emerged as one of California Wine Country’s more popular regions, since numerous winemakers have chosen to establish themselves among the town’s hills. Vineyards pair with the fine restaurants and welcoming cafes of the town center, and agricultural treasures span farms that offer the best of fresh fruit, vegetables, and even eggs harvested that same day.
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Banner Elk, North Carolina

A dreamscape located in the heart of Blue Ridge Mountains in Western-North Carolina, Banner Elk is a favorite destination for countless individuals and families seeking fun in the outdoors. The “ski capital of the South” offers a plenty of open air activities such as fishing, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, golfing and—of course—skiing. Banner Elk also presents a climate that accommodates every itinerary, spanning the Blue Ridge and Grandfather Mountains, picturesque communities, fine restaurants, and speciality shopping.
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Grand Mound, Washington

Washington’s mountains rise from the ground like the mighty, mythical gods of lore. Stretching upwards with little regard for the communities of people peppered around them, such grand indifference captures our imaginations and awe. We strive to scale and conquer them, to master their trails and hills, and their magnificence allows us to transcend who we are in some magical way. Grand Mound, Washington places you within reach of the state’s majestic mountains, and thus its main attractions.
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Ketchum, Idaho

Today, people still flock to Ketchum and Sun Valley both to relax and to seek adventure. Sun Valley is home to one of the country's most famous ski resorts, and Ketchum is considered the gateway to the Sun Valley Resort and the Sawtooth Recreation Area. Ketchum is also located close to the natural wonders of Big Wood River and parts of the Boise, Challis and Sawtooth National forests, thus providing visitors with a multitude of opportunities for fishing, hiking and trail riding.
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Lincoln, New Hampshire

Founded as one of America's early colonies in 1782, Lincoln has been attracting the adventurous ever since with its mountain views, fresh, flowing streams and a kingdom of forests and wildlife. There are endless opportunities for exploration such as hiking, camping, picnicking, skiing, snowboarding, birdwatching, and sightseeing. Visitors to Lincoln can also catch a glimpse of standard New England luxury, with fine dining, upscale shopping districts and spa retreats.
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New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The coastal barrier city of New Smyrna Beach is “Florida’s Secret Pearl” for good reason. Consistently given recognition on numerous “best surf town” lists, New Smyrna Beach was even ranked as "one of the world's top 20 surf towns" by National Geographic Magazine. Water sports remain its most popular feature, with swimming, scuba diving, kite-surfing, and surfing at the forefront. Outdoors enthusiasts have little fear, however: you’ll discover myriad opportunities to fish, sail, motorboat, golf, hike, and more at New Smyrna Beach.
Ocean Shores, Washington Copyright: Frank L Junior/Shutterstock.com

Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean Shores, Washington is Western Washington's #1 beach destination. On your trip to Ocean Shores, you are guaranteed to be delighted and entertained. Horseback ride on the sandy beaches, catch fresh fish from the ocean, bird watch in the local parks, and, after the sun sets, enjoy Ocean Shores' vibrant night life.
Olympic Valley, California Copyright: brewbooks/cc by-sa 2.0/Flickr

Olympic Valley, California

As the sight of the five Olympic Rings and the 1960 Winter Olympics, the eponymous Olympic Valley remains an international symbol of sportsmanship. Decades later, Olympic skiers and snowboarders still come to Olympic Valley to train on the resort's advanced ski slopes and terrain parks, while novice and intermediate skiers explore the nearby paths suited to their skill levels. Olympic Valley is the second largest ski area in the Lake Tahoe Region.
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Copyright: Jason Patrick Ross/Shutterstock.com

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells has a 150-year-history of hosting travelers who are attracted to the scenery and tranquility of the area. When coupled with the nearby area surrounding Lake Delton, it is commonly called “The Dells.” As the self-proclaimed "Waterpark Capital of the World,” The Dells has an adventure for every age on your trip. Fishing, boat tours, kayaking, waterparks, parasailing, ziplines, vertical adventures, and high-adventure amusement park rides provide excitement.
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Concord, North Carolina

Following in the steps of its fellow northeastern cities within the early Colonies, the city of Concord was established around the spirit of unity, harmony, and friendship. As the name “Concord” actually means “with harmony,” these characteristics are seen all over the city. Residential, business, industrial, and historical elements are all blended together to make Concord an impressive cocktail of evolution and tradition. The city is home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which hosts many NASCAR races each year, as well as a number of historic sites.
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina Copyright: Cvandyke/Shutterstock.com

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Pampas grass lines the dunes that border the small town of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. The tufts of their leaves, fluffy and swaying with the breezes sweeping from the Atlantic Ocean, seem to mimic the fluffy clouds that sweep overhead in the blue skies. Since the 1920s vacationers have penciled in Atlantic Beach for weekend getaways and summer trips. Perhaps this is because of the town’s pristine sands and seaside activities, or maybe it’s because nothing beats dinner and an ocean view sunset. Either way, the Beach is calling.
Falmouth, Massachusetts Copyright: Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism/cc by-nd 2.0/Flickr

Falmouth, Massachusetts

If you love the beach and the unique seaside air, Falmouth, Massachusetts, is definitely the place to see. Ride across Cape Cod aboard the Island Queen Ferry, relax on the warm and pleasant Old Silver Beach, or take a scenic tour of the Nobska Lighthouse in this comforting city. There is plenty to do and see here, so stop by and have a blast.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado Copyright: Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.com

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Colorado’s dominance as a ski resort state continues with the vivacious Steamboat Springs. Boasting activities for all the seasons, Steamboat Springs also nods to an extensive western heritage that encompasses ranching traditions. After exploring the city’s historical sites, visitors are elated to partake in world-class skiing, biking, fishing, hunting, relaxing in the natural hot springs, and more. The Springs play host to popular annual events, fine cuisine, and shopping centers as well.
Yarmouth, Massachusetts Copyright: Lorie Brownell/Shutterstock.com

Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Yarmouth, on the coast of Cape Cod, is a masterfully planned and historically rife city. Three villages comprise Yarmouth, with each reflecting over three centuries’ worth of culture, tradition, and splendor. Plan a vacation around the unique attractions among West Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, and South Yarmouth.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Copyright: StacieStauffSmith Photos / Shutterstock.com

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Concerts, motorcycle rallies, world-class shopping, and extensive beaches all lend to Myrtle Beach’s reign as a top vacation destination in not just South Carolina, but all of the United States. Over 14 million annual visitors flock to Myrtle Beach’s subtropical climate and subtropical recreation. Countless golf courses glitter the area, along with water and amusement parks, museums, historical sites, and more. Sail the coast or relax on the soft sand of the beaches and get to know this most exciting of vacation spots.
Ocean City, Maryland Copyright: Chris Parypa Photography/Shutterstock.com

Ocean City, Maryland

As an Atlantic resort town, Ocean City, Maryland, has excitement in its DNA. Its various hot spots have been featured on shows spanning the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, highlighting Ocean City’s beach fun and good local eateries.The Boardwalk maintains a constant stream of entertainment for all ages, from movies on the beach to waterfront concerts.
Santa Fe, New Mexico Copyright: blewulis/Shutterstock.com

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is poised with the grace and promise of an existence that spans over 400 years. As the nation's oldest capital city, Santa Fe bears an identity that extends past Anglo-America and into Spanish and Pueblo heritages. History aficionados and culture enthusiasts are drawn to “The City Different” each year. Explore numerous museums and partake in community-wide celebrations. Santa Fe is a paradise for the bold-hearted.
Sandusky, Ohio Copyright: Doug Lemke/Shutterstock.com

Sandusky, Ohio

The name Sandusky has become synonymous with Cedar Point. What once began as a beer garden bathhouse and a dance floor has grown into a massive amusement park that draws 3.5 million visitors to the area annually. Known internationally for its roller coasters, the city is also home to a vibrant boating and fishing community. Beautiful historic downtown Sandusky greets visitors with its collection of museums, shops, and restaurants.
Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania Copyright: Nicholas_T

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Fluffy white clouds roll across skies that always seem to gleam in a spectrum of blue in the Poconos. The majesty continues with a palette of rustic orange in the fall, the pristine white of snowfall in the winter, and the verdant emerald of forests and hillsides in the summer. Reigning for decades as a popular vacation area for citizens of New York and New Jersey, the Pocono Mountains must be seen in person to be believed. Lakes and rivers to explore, land to hunt, and various ski resorts provide an unforgettable outdoors experience.
Napa, California Copyright: Kit Leong/Shutterstock.com

Napa, California

Think “Napa”, and your palate twinges with delight as images of endless vineyards and glasses of wine come to mind. Napa, California has been synonymous with such delicacies for quite some time - and with good reason. As County seat to one of the Great Wine Capitals, Napa is proud to associate itself with some of the most experienced and enthusiastic wine aficionados on the planet.
Coronado, California Copyright: Mikail McVerry/Unsplash.com

Coronado, California

The “Crown City” was designed with one thought in mind: capitalize on the area’s abundance of sun, sand, and Pacific skies. Coronado, California is an island resort community within San Diego County and champions America’s Best Beach. Over 2 million people venture to the city each year to partake in the glory of a refreshing climate, great hospitality, world-renowned restaurants, chic boutiques, unending cultural events, and endless opportunities for exploring Coronado’s outdoors.
Newport, Oregon Copyright: RuthChoi/Shutterstock.com

Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is a beachcomber's paradise. The bustling port town is one of Central Coast’s prides, set in proximity to 6 beaches. Newport’s unique fishing and maritime identity flows with Yaquina Bay (featuring the largest commercial fishing fleet in the state of Oregon), the Marine Science Center, Undersea Gardens, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It doesn’t end there, though: Newport also flaunts a downtown “Deco” district replete with Art Deco buildings, art galleries, creative shops, and cute restaurants.
Mason, Ohio Copyright: Kml100/Shutterstock.com

Mason, Ohio

Once listed as number seven in Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live”, Mason continues to evolve as a thriving community. The largest city in Warren County is a hub of excitement with new businesses and attractions emerging every year, providing visitors with an array of activities to choose from. Mason boasts numerous museums, shops, attractions, and a lot more to keep you engaged. As the community expands at a rapid pace, there is always something novel and exciting happening in Mason.
Capistrano Beach, California Copyright: jkoegel/cc by-sa 2.0/Flickr

Capistrano Beach, California

Capistrano Beach is a charming small town with a variety of recreational activities, making it a great vacation destination. It is located in the city of Dana Point and is bordered by the lively Laguna Beach to the north and San Clemente to the south. Despite being located in the busy Orange County area, Capo Beach has managed to maintain its "beach town" atmosphere and has not been heavily commercialized.
Lynden, Washington Copyright: Lijuan Guo/Shutterstock.com

Lynden, Washington

Dutch heritage is present in the town’s dairy farms, blueberry and strawberry fields, parks, museums, and its architecture. What makes Lynden such an attractive destination is also the alluring proximity to other points of interest, including Canada five miles north, county seat Bellingham 15 miles away, and half-an-hour’s drive from the Pacific Ocean. Skiers may be happy to know that the popular Mount Baker is only an hour away as well.
Blaine, Washington Copyright: DeniseAnnMarie/cc by-sa 2.0/Flickr

Blaine, Washington

Blaine, Washington is perfectly placed for the ultimate escape. Positioned 35 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia and 110 miles north of bustling Seattle, Blaine certainly carves out its own stake in bliss. In addition to a reputation for being an incredibly clean, safe town, Blaine glistens in natural beauty. Over a dozen parks are fit for bird watching, biking, and trailblazing, while a handful of manicured golf courses also add to an itinerary of outdoor recreation.
Cathedral City, California Copyright: veeterzy/Shutterstock.com

Cathedral City, California

Located just 10 miles from Palm Springs, Cathedral City is a desert oasis with stunning mountain and desert landscapes. It gets its name from the majestic Cathedral Canyon, and is home to some of the Coachella Valley's best golf courses. Golfers can enjoy a round at the Cimarron Golf Resort's Boulder and Pebble courses, or at the Cathedral Canyon Golf Club. With its natural beauty and top-rated golf courses, Cathedral City is a must-visit destination for any traveler.
Irvine, California Copyright: Destination Irvine

Irvine, California

As if the honor of being deemed "America's Safest Big City" since 2005 isn't enough, Irvine — the center of Orange County, California — offers visitors shopping, diverse dining, outdoor recreation and family-friendly activities. Just minutes from the area's popular beaches and world-famous attractions, Irvine is the ideal location for a true Southern California experience!
Traverse City, Michigan Copyright: Gratia Films/Shutterstock.com

Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City’s claim to fame is its position as the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. The Michigan city hosts annual events to celebrate the cherry harvests, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The land is also ripe for Traverse City’s numerous vineyards, which place it among the Midwest’s top centers of wine production. After touring the orchards and attending the wine tasting events, head to Traverse City’s freshwater beaches, the National Lakeshore, downhill skiing areas, and verdant forests.
Stockton, California Copyright: David Collier

Stockton, California

Stockton, California was founded in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. Though Stockton is 75 miles from the ocean, it is a port city, with ocean going vessels visiting the port daily. The waterways that connect to the port are known as the California Delta and provide access to over 1,000 miles of waterways open for fishing and recreation. Stockton is located in the Central Valley, about 90 minutes from San Francisco and 2 1/2 hours from Yosemite National Park. Stockton is surrounded by rich agricultural land with many farms and wineries available to visit.
Memphis Copyright: Philip Parker/Memphis CVB


Experience the authentic soulful blend of past and present in Memphis, where landmarks such as Graceland, Sun Studio, STAX, Beale Street, and the National Civil Rights Museum await your visit. Local musicians draw inspiration from legendary icons such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Al Green, creating original and soulful music that captures the true essence of Memphis. In addition to the sounds, feast your senses on the culinary delights of the city. Memphis offers a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling inspired and satisfied.
Minneapolis, Minnesota Copyright: Anton Foltin/Shutterstock.com

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a city on the rise. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, it is rumored that iconic American writer Mark Twain was the first to assign the name ‘Twin Cities’ to Minneapolis and neighboring city St. Paul. It's a metropolis that can cater to all your wishes: spend an entire week shopping, finding all the popular brands and some local ones, or go on a pub crawl and discover high-quality bars the city has to offer.
New York, New York Copyright: Colton Duke/Unsplash

New York, New York

With a globally recognizable skyline and 8.4 million people who call it home, New York City is bursting with diversity and excitement – from the iconic attractions you've seen on TV and in the movies to hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Each of the five boroughs – The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island – has a distinctive flavor, while individual neighborhoods maintain identities all their own.
West Palm Beach, Florida Copyright: Richard Sagredo/Unsplash.com

West Palm Beach, Florida

Located along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean Coast, West Palm Beach is Miami’s hip little sister that offers visitors year-round enjoyment. Known for its art festivals, nightlife and extensive shopping choices, this city serves both young families with zoos, museums and beautiful beaches and the epicurean crew with a myriad of foodie delights.
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Raleigh, North Carolina

A visit to Raleigh in North Carolina is more than a trip to a blossoming Southern metropolis. You'll feel enriched and energized the instant you're warmly welcomed by its smart, savvy locals. Raleigh's bright minds head top-tier technology, education and life science institutions; its artists create a bevy of cultural and culinary touchstones; and its storytellers proudly carry on the collective heritage of a rich, historic capital city.
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Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is situated along the shores of the vast Chesapeake Bay, nearly 200 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Since the 1600s, Baltimore waterways have given passage to ships carrying commercial cargo and new citizens, making it the second most popular point of entry for immigrants next to Ellis Island. It is located approximately 35 miles northeast of Washington DC and 75 miles southwest of Philadelphia, PA.
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Jackson, Wyoming

Wyoming attracts those who need not the frills and thrills of traditional vacation hotspots or high-octane amusements. It attracts those who are drawn instinctively to areas of earthy subsistence, where the only apparent wealth is a wealth of nature and beauty. The town of Jackson Hole is a reflection of its greater state, having both an aesthetic appreciation of its wilderness, as well as a nod to a heritage of ranching and farming.
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Birthplace of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit received its nickname of ‘Motor City’ thanks to its rise as the center of mass production of motor vehicles. The city has thrived despite its somewhat negative reputation in recent times, developing into a dynamic metropolis with heaps to offer visitors. Countless artists and singers have celebrated Motortown for its charm.
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Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Murrells Inlet channels the charm of South Carolina with undertones of its colonial past and a menagerie of modern vacation amenities. As “The Seafood Capital of South Carolina,” Murrells Inlet welcomes visitors to explore its fishing enterprise. Not only is the seafood widely renowned, but so is the area’s collection of golf courses. But perhaps most spectacularly, Murrells Inlet is a nature lover’s paradise: Spanish moss drapes grand oaks that have stood for centuries, and seabirds glide over the sparkling waters of the Atlantic.
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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is in the unique position of having warm weather year round. While temperatures do reach upwards of 100 degrees in the summer months, it’s dry heat you can breathe—without the downfalls of humidity! Phoenix is also the most populous state capital in the U.S., which translates to a richly diverse collection of cultures and activities. And perhaps most spectacularly, every drive or stroll through the city is accompanied by a backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, sandy mountain ranges and eternal blue skies.
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Port Canaveral

Situated on Florida's east coast, Port Canaveral is a dynamic and diverse seaport that serves as a major hub for cruise ship traffic, cargo operations, and recreational activities. Due to its strategic location offering easy access to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and other global destinations, cruise liners frequently make Port Canaveral a preferred stop. With its pristine beaches, top-rated fishing, and a variety of dining and shopping options, Port Canaveral is a destination you shouldn’t miss, even if you only have a few hours to spare before your cruise departure.
Chicago, Illinois Copyright: Patrick L. Pyszka/City of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

More than 42 kilometers of lakefront frame Chicago's stunning urban skyline. Here in the heart of the Midwest, the nation’s third-largest city boasts soaring skyscrapers and colorful neighborhoods against a backdrop of sandy beaches and beautiful parks. This cosmopolitan playground bursts with things to do. Sightseeing options range from Chicago icons — such as Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate, Grant Park’s Buckingham Fountain and Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel — to fascinating history and architecture tours.
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Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai challenges the conventional getaway with the mantra that you should never compromise on perfection while choosing vacation destinations. With 50 combined miles of stark, white sand beaches, bounties of tropical flowers, 10 spectacular golf courses, opportunities for both deep sea and freshwater fishing, several navigable rivers, world-class resorts and more, Kauai is the very definition of perfection.
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Houston, Texas

Located in Texas, the fourth largest city in the U.S. is known for NASA, its annual rodeo, and the largest medical complex in the world, the Texas Medical Center. However, Houston has matured into a complete and downright hip vacation destination for the savvy traveler. The city is a diverse metropolis where no ethnicity comprises a majority of the population. This mix of cultures has contributed to making Houston a city of superb cuisine and world-class culture, entertainment and shopping.
Bloomington, Minnesota Copyright: Bloomington CVB

Bloomington, Minnesota

The Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official marketing organization for the City of Bloomington and markets Bloomington, Minnesota, area attractions, and the surrounding communities, to visitors around the world. Bloomington is located adjacent to Minneapolis and St. Paul, just minutes from the International Airport, is the home of Mall of America, and is a premier destination for meetings, conventions, and tourism. For visitor information, special offers and to book hotel rooms online visit www.bloomingtonmn.org.
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Kansas City, Kansas

Located on the border between the states of Kansas and Missouri, KC is a lively metropolis in the middle of the green hills of the Midwest Plains. Following continuous development that took place over the last decades, Kansas City offers endless fun and sports activities. Officially nicknamed the City of Fountains, it boasts impressive shopping malls, delicious traditional barbecue, an interesting arts scene, and a vibrant nightlife in a downtown that never sleeps: Kansas City is truly a diverse source of entertainment.
Dennis Port, Massachusetts Copyright: Taylor Rooney/unsplash

Dennis Port, Massachusetts

Dennis Port is one of five villages that comprise the town of Dennis in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For years, Cape Cod has been a place where America's wealthy come to relax during the summer months. The Cape's perfect beaches and the warm waters of Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay provide desirable conditions for sunbathing, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and other activities.
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Leavenworth, Washington

You would never expect to step into Bavaria while visiting central Washington, but upon entering Leavenworth in the Cascade Mountains, you will certainly feel as though you have been transported to Germany. Nearly a quarter of the town's residents can trace their ancestry back to Germany, and they have brought that Old World feel with them. Alpine-style buildings line the streets of this gateway to nearby ski areas and wineries. Though the town is small, what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality.
Sonoma County, California Copyright: Sonoma County Tourism

Sonoma County, California

With more than 425 wineries, miles of rugged Pacific coastline, towering redwood forests, and its close proximity to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma County is a traveler’s dream vacation spot in California. Discover more than 50 nature parks that offer travelers miles of hiking and cycling trails through the redwoods or oak-studded hills. Rivers entice visitors to kayak, canoe, or simply float along the cool waters. Breathtaking Highway 1 — Pacific Coast Highway — delights visitors with crashing waves, sea lions and amazing sunsets.
The Palm Beaches Copyright: Discover The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches are an exciting collection of 15 distinct districts with luxury resorts, hotels, innovative culinary landscapes, trendy shops and designer boutiques of world-wide fame, and where nightlife thrives year-round. Beautiful beaches stretching 47 miles along the Atlantic Ocean, lakes and Everglades coupled with year-round warm weather attract visitors from around the world, and recreational pursuits are unmatched.
Rangeley, Maine Copyright: Jeff Holcombe / Shutterstock.com

Rangeley, Maine

The state of Maine sets its own pace in the otherwise bustling New England. With an eased temperament that stems from lakefront breezes and whispering forests, the town of Rangeley does not stray from its state’s tempo. As "Maine's Four Season Playground," the town boasts Lake Mooselookmeguntic, which provides fodder for lovers of the outdoors looking to fish, boat, kayak and explore. Rangeley also transforms into a wonderland for skiing and snowboarding come winter.
Charleston, South Carolina Copyright: Charleston Area CVB

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a stunning vacation destination known for its celebrated restaurant scene, architectural treasures, historic wonders, and serene coastal landscapes. Visitors can experience the local culture through food and music festivals, enjoy Lowcountry cuisine, and shop for Sea Island crafts. The city's historic district is full of beautiful courtyards and gardens, and there are many tours available to explore the city's culinary hot spots, antebellum mansions, historic churches, breweries, and more. Visitors can choose to stay at a charming inn, a historic hotel, or a beach resort and discover the unique people, flavors, traditions, sights and sounds of Charleston.
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Fort Myers

Chosen as a winter refuge by Thomas Edison at the turn of the last century, Fort Myers sits away from busier and more opulent Florida centers, maintaining the carefree, low-key atmosphere of a sea town. Assuming beach life is Fort Myers's only attraction would be a mistake: the town center boasts a vibrant street life, with a plethora of indie art galleries and interesting spots for history and science lovers. The area's natural beauty continues inland, where protected animal species take shelter among mangroves and narrow bayou bends.
Las Vegas, Nevada Copyright: oneinchpunch/Shutterstock.com

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a dazzling sea of neon lights that beckons visitors with luxurious hotels, unbelievable shows, exquisite restaurants, world-class gambling, and decadence on a grandiose scale: it is ancient Rome, romantic Paris, exotic Egypt, exciting New York City, and the Canals of Venice all together rolled into a single vacation destination. Millions of people fulfill their dream of visiting Las Vegas every year, attracted by the well-earned city's reputation as the world's Entertainment Capital.
Atlanta, Georgia Copyright: f11photo/Shutterstock.com

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the economic and cultural center of the south of the United States. A city full of traditional charm spiced up with a modern flair. Atlanta is filled with attractions and activities, including the Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest), the Atlanta Olympic Park and the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta is also rich in history with the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Gone with the Wind" - Margaret Mitchell - commemorated with a museum of where she used to live.
San Francisco, California Copyright: Ragnar Vorel / unsplash.com

San Francisco, California

Also known as the City by the Bay, San Francisco is diverse, colorful and vibrant. Famous for its steep hills, Victorian houses, year-round fog, beautiful panoramic vistas and excellent cuisine, the city attracts tens of millions of visitors every year. San Francisco is enormous yet pedestrian friendly, and the famous cable cars whisk you away towards new adventures. Its eclectic mix of architecture, sandy beaches, ethnic and cultural diversity make San Francisco a great choice for a vacation.
Maui, Hawaii Copyright: DonLand/Shutterstock.com

Maui, Hawaii

Once a mysterious island of tribes, Maui, the second-largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, has transformed itself into an immensely popular tourist destination where everyone can find something to their taste. From hiking the mighty Haleakalā to driving through the breathtaking Hana Highway to simply sipping on a cocktail at one of the pristine beaches in Kaanapali or Wailea, Maui is sure to spoil you with unforgettable natural beauty. No matter your preference, Maui offers a remarkable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.
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Tampa Bay, Florida

Whether lounging on the beach, watching volleyball and basking in the sun with your favorite drink, or filling your travel schedule to the max with museums, architecture, concerts, dining and shopping, the Tampa Bay Area is sure to please. Fresh seafood, nationally recognized steak houses and trendy martini bars keep visitors and locals busy in the evenings.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Copyright: Kamira / Shutterstock.com

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a destination that will satisfy the well-traveled with a discriminating taste. The year-round mild temperatures make its sandy beaches an ideal relaxing spot during the daytime. At night, however, the long boulevard turns into a vibrant party mile with clubs, bars and pubs as far as the eye can see. With some of the best restaurants, shops, and boutique hotels in the state, this city is a hip explorer's paradise.
Boston, Massachusetts Copyright: Marcio Jose Bastos Silva / Shutterstock.com

Boston, Massachusetts

Long known for its old-world charm, from the historic Faneuil Hall to the Freedom Trail that celebrates Boston’s preeminent role in the American Revolution, Boston has come a long way towards staking its claim in the 21st century. With the completion of the “Big Dig” that buried Boston’s vast network of highways underground, Boston has hit the new century running. Attractions span beautiful public libraries, fascinating museums and plenty of sports. Boston is destined to grow ever more beautiful as more and more of the ungainly elevated highways are replaced with lush parks.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Copyright: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the birthplace of America, Philadelphia has endured centuries of hardship, obstacles, and triumphs, and remains a top tourist destination in the U.S. Historical buildings, sculptures, and murals line streets that were once walked by the Founding Fathers. While the weather fluctuates between mild springs, hot summers, and chilly winters, the people of Philly can always be seen out and about in the City of Brotherly Love. Whether it's exploring the rich history or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, Philadelphia has something for everyone.
Dallas, Texas Copyright: Max Fray/unsplash

Dallas, Texas

As a metropolitan city of amazing proportions, Dallas is the primary destination for travel and excitement in Texas. Drawing those with an innovative spirit, Dallas possesses an uncanny ability to combine Southern charm with commercial finesse. Its citizens have christened the city “Big D” in a fitting manner, for much like the state in which it resides, Dallas boasts of big style, from the endless entertainment and dining districts of its downtown, to sporting attractions spanning five professional teams.
Big Island, Hawaii Copyright: Madeline Onassis/unsplash

Big Island, Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is known colloquially as the Big Island — a fitting nickname for an island twice the combined size of its neighboring counterparts! Big Island flaunts its colors like the plumes of a peacock: fierce reds of magma from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park contrast spectacularly with the bright white snow of Maunakea, while the electric black sands of Punaluu Beach stream into the emerald green of the Hamakua Coast’s rainforests.
Key West, Florida Copyright: Stockdonkey/Shutterstock.com

Key West, Florida

Key West is a tropical paradise at the southernmost tip of the Continental US, just a short two-hour drive from Miami. With its year-round warm weather and crystal clear waters, Key West is a popular seaport destination for many passenger cruise ships. Explore the scenic beaches, indulge in the diverse culinary scene, and stay in luxurious hotels with stunning views. The city is a perfect blend of natural beauty and vibrant culture, offering an abundance of exciting venues to explore and create unforgettable memories.
Washington, D.C. Copyright: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock.com

Washington, D.C.

Think big in Washington–as soon as you arrive in D.C., you’ll be knocked over by the scale of the place. America’s capital wants you to know where you are, and the city goes all out to impress in terms of grandeur and size. Drama and scandal bubble under the surface, while the streets are abuzz with hip and happening events, museums, restaurants, and clubs around every corner. The principles of Equality, Justice, Life, and Liberty are still upheld, but D.C. is, above all, a trendy and international town.
Oahu, Hawaii Copyright: Ppictures/Shutterstock.com

Oahu, Hawaii

Surrounded by the green verdant mountains of dormant volcanoes and the roar of the Pacific beating down upon palm-fringed white beaches, the island Oahu is an incredibly idyllic holiday destination. With an abundance of natural beauty and the attractions of the vibrant and buzzing metropolis Honolulu, Oahu is sure to please all visitors: from beach bums to culture vultures.
Denver, Colorado Copyright: Visit Denver

Denver, Colorado

Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a city brimming with life. With 300 annual days of sunshine, the Mile High City is a year-round destination that seamlessly blends a rich Western heritage and passion for the outdoors with urban excitement. Downtown Denver is home to an array of chef-owned restaurants, brewpubs, professional sports, shops, and family-friendly attractions. Additionally, Denver serves as the premier gateway to the most breathtaking national parks in the Western USA, including Mesa Verde, one of Colorado's four national parks, as well as Wyoming's Yellowstone and Utah's Canyonlands.
Orlando, Florida Copyright: Visit Orlando

Orlando, Florida

With seven of the top theme parks in one sunny location, Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. Best of all, Orlando offers new and exciting experiences for visitors each year, so there’s always a reason to return. Plan to visit the many amazing theme parks and water parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando and LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Come to Orlando for blockbuster rides, fabulous shopping, award-winning restaurants, spectacular museums and world-class entertainment.
Seattle, Washington Copyright: beboy/Shutterstock.com

Seattle, Washington

Welcome to 'The Emerald City' — a blend of laid-back and progressive vibes. As Washington State's largest city, Seattle is not just the home of the iconic Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and Chihuly Garden and Glass, but also the birthplace of grunge and global coffee joints like Starbucks and Tully’s. Forget the rainy reputation; Seattle often outshines it with more sun than you'd expect!
Miami, Florida Copyright: Julien Borean/Unsplash.com

Miami, Florida

Miami is known for its glamour and cosmopolitan vibe, but what truly sets this city apart is its miles of sandy beaches, which coupled with year-round sunshine and pleasant warmth have cemented Miami's position as a top travel destination. Describing it merely as an international metropolis would be a gross understatement, given its North American core infused with Caribbean flair, a generous dose of Latin American influence, a hint of African heritage, a touch of Asian influence, and a sprinkle of European charm. All these elements and their fascinating blend give Miami a vibrant and exhilarating cultural life.
New Orleans, Louisiana Copyright: f11photo/Shutterstock.com

New Orleans, Louisiana

Festivity carries in the air as much as the sounds of saxophones and trumpets in New Orleans. Despite the damage inflicted by Katrina in 2005, NOLA hasn't lost any of its charm, spark, magic, and its people's inextinguishable joie-de-vivre–none of what makes it a unique city in the U.S. and the world. From the ever-lively Mardi Gras to the eclectic mix of cultures to the rich cuisine reflecting its Cajun, Creole, and French roots, New Orleans is a constant celebration of the human spirit.
Portland Copyright: Agnieszka Gaul/Shutterstock.com


Portlanders respond eagerly to the summons of the city's unofficial motto: ‘Keep Portland Weird.’ Although the real deal is miles away from the grotesque version famously portrayed in "Portlandia,” some tropes of the TV show do ring true. The city's thriving food, beer, and coffee scenes are mixed with whimsy, as self-expression and creativity abound. Portland is not only the hometown of James Beard but also a place where unique experiences are born, like wedding ceremonies held at a doughnut shop, "brew 'n' view" movie theaters, and even a vegan strip club.
Los Angeles, California Copyright: Chones/Shutterstock.com

Los Angeles, California

Home to Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, and the Walk of Fame, Los Angeles has long lured many into its glittering fantasy world. With endless sunshine, palm trees, shopping malls, and beautiful people, this city is like no place you’ve ever been before and yet is strangely familiar. Los Angeles is a wonderful, vibrant, exhilarating multi-cultural hub with a plethora of things to do and see.
San Diego, California Copyright: f11photo/Shutterstock.com

San Diego, California

San Diego is often called "America’s Finest City," and for good reason. The eighth-largest city in the U.S. offers heaps of attractions, cultural experiences, and an undeniable cosmopolitan vibe. Despite its size, San Diego maintains a laid-back ambiance that is emblematic of Southern California, embodied by its friendly locals and the city's famously perfect climate. With temperatures hovering around the mid-70s (21°C) year-round and abundant sunshine, there is never a bad time to explore its world-renowned museums, indulge in 5-star dining, bask on its internationally acclaimed beaches, and revel in its exceptional hospitality.